Hand Wash - 601 EN

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Hand Wash - 601 EN


A natural, homemade and incredibly simple option that keep the hands well protected and doesn't leave a dry skin.

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- Marseille Soap / 35gr.

- Water / 500ml

- Lavanda Essential Oil / 10 drops

- Olive Oil / 2 tea spoons 

- Almond Oil / 2 tea spoon

Vitamin E / 4 drops



- Sac à poche

- Immersion Blander

- Knife

- Bowl



With a knife, cut the soap in small flakes. Place flakes and water into a medium hight saucepan (it could produce some foam, it is indeed better to have a bigger pan to contain it).

Turn on medium heat and stir constantly until flakes has dissolved into the water. When it is completely melted, turn on low heat and leave it for 15 min (always stirring). After that you can add oils and vitamin E and let cool completely. While the formula is cooling down, mix it with a mixer, to make the liquid homogeneous. Use the sac à pohe to fit it into the bottle.


It will take about 12 hours for the soap to completely “gel”.  After that verify if you have reached the right density. If it is too much dense, just add some water, if it is not "gelly", add other soap. Consistency depends on many factors included the water used and soap type.

Vitamin E can be bought in pharmacy stores

You can experiment other oil options

The oil and vitamin E are added to moisturize the skin. You're welcome to skip these if you'd like. The oil won't blend with the water, so you'll need to gently shake the soap before use.

choose a natural Marsiglia Soap. The real one should contain just these three ingredients:  olive oil, water, caustic soda


Performance                ★★★★

Care                             ★★★★

Preparation Ease           ★★★

*evaluation provided by focus group of clients selected by Adroit.